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Below are a few outlines of some of the work we've carried out for our clients. Sometimes we'll get a glowing testimonial, these are available upon request. If you have a particular project that you'd like some assistance with, please do GET IN TOUCH.

We'd love to hear from you.

CTM Europe​


A well-established pressure systems and cryogenic specialist in Cardiff.

David engaged with us to create stock control systems, to project manage installations, and to develope a suite of technical documentation to support CTM Europe's expansion into new markets with a significantly sized new customer.

My Lion's Roar​


A brand new t-shirt company, selling premium tees to make you ROAR!


Ryan asked us to get involved in the operational side of setting up his t-shirt business strand. We brainstormed the marketing and sales processes, created a successful Kickstarter campaign, streamlined the online sales offering, and worked out an efficient manual way to process bespoke sales orders.



A company offering a scoliosis brace to prevent surgical intervention.

Hugh, an experienced orthotist, asked us to work with him to critique his sales and marketing processes, and in particular to identify better and more profitable ways to market. We identified a different way to approach potential clients, leading to additional sales achieved.

Big Apple Performing Arts


Karen, a consultant for BAPA, asked us to visualise, create, and typeset an Annual Report document for her client, BAPA. This document was well-received and compliments gained on it's readability and clear presentation of research information.

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