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Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day, sometimes there's no-one else to give things too. We've been there too. Especially in the early days of start-up and business growth.

We  can help. You can hire us by the day, week, month, or project so that you can spend time on doing what matters. Which is to grow your businesses and focus on giving great service.

YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED aims to add some value, offering you small business support, with both professional and creative solutions to your business problems. From Operational Support through Project Management to Blue Skies Thinking. We're here to help you. Call Edwin on 07761 500535 to ask for help and to learn more.

Edwin is a creative and experienced Senior Operations and Management Professional, and with the team he can help solve your business headaches and problems. You can hire us by the day, week, month, or by project.

We can help you set things up, improve things, give you a chance to catch your breath and focus on the other important things on your huge to do list.


Got business hassles? A lack of headcount or time?


Then call Edwin on 07761 500535 or drop us a line on the Contact Page


We want to help you to be better at what you do, have more time to do the things that are business-critical and most of all, to relieve some of that business pressure and stress. We've been there, and we know what it feels like.

Our Vision? adding some value to ease your stress.


How Could We Help or Support You?

  • Operational Support in the start-up or early days stages

  • Project Management

  • Business Planning and Pitch Decks

  • Employee Appraisal Systems

  • Recruitment Exercises to find geat team members

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Documentation Development

  • Active Listening, helping you clarify and focus

  • Constructive Feedback, if you can handle it

  • Marketing Strategies to generate more business

  • Performance Planning and KPIs

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Finding Cost Savings and improve the bottom line

  • Blue Sky Thinking around the next great idea

  • Spare Pair of Hands always helps

  • Regulatory Approvals

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